Brahma Design's 3 Day Self Awareness Workshop

Brahma Design coupled our tandem weekend package along with a ‘Self Awareness’ workshop at which included paragliding tandem rides, swimming in the lake, bird watching as well as partying.

An unforgettable trip

Brahma Design is a team of talent dedicated to the business of Communication Design. At Brahma the idea is to learn and keep growing through live projects executed for various clients especially in the field of Hospitality and Retail Design.

Brahma Design coupled our tandem weekend package along with a ‘Self Awareness’ workshop facilitated by Bharati Chawathe of Spring Counselling and Service Centre. Their 3 day stay at Native Place also included paragliding tandem rides, chillingin the lake, bird watching as well as partying.

Brahma has had the opportunity to work on the JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai, Cotton World, Kotak Mahindra Bank & Kotak Mutual Fund, Micro Inks and Hush Pillows amongst others. The spectrum, of work goes from Corporate Identity Design, Packaging, Annual Reports, Graphic & Signage Design, Advertising and beyond.

When Jyoti decided to take her team for a workshop, she wanted to give them what she had discovered in her life ... self awareness and freedom of being SELF ... So a combination of adventure activities and a "peep in SELF" was planned.

Techniques of getting to know SELF and understanding the interpersonal processes at work and role reversal ... It was designed to get each participant to take a fresh look at whom they really are, get in touch with their real potential. Using this new self concept as a vehicle to travel beyond the limited self image we place upon ourselves thereby changing the way the participants feel about themselves, expanding creativity, and enhancing interpersonal skills.

NATIVE PLACE” is calm and serene.

The high point of my stay was paragliding. I never thought I had it in me to paraglide but here I was almost 2000 feet above ground level! And I cannot wait to come for another round back again. So much to explore here.

Kamshet Nirvana – we went there for a workshop. A small quiet place with beautiful natural surroundings.

It was a nice learning experience about ourselves & our interactions with our colleagues we shared a lot & in the process learnt more about ourselves & each other. I enjoyed a lot of things ranging from a cup of lemongrass tea to an amazing paragliding experience.

A couple of things that have stayed in my memory which I would like to share with you – I went for a swim at 1.30 am in the nearby lake with Shyam & Gopa. It was like a swim in a big bath tub with cool water inside & an open sky above.

The second thing I remember is a huge fig tree in the garden which got lit up at night with fire flies. What would one call it? A lit up Eiffel Tower or a lit up Christmas tree? It is difficult to express in words. You really have to visit this place.

So, what are you waiting for?
Pack your bags & do forget your watches, cell phones & worries.

The weekend at Kamshet was planned as yet another tool for growth. By sharing the weekend together, exchanging experiences through a brief self awareness programme used to understand self and inter-personal relationships, the team came out better equipped to work together and problem solve. Through interchanging role-play each team member developed a much deeper understanding and empathy for his coworker’s job profile.

What better place to learn than under the open skies and next to the lake. Back to Mother Nature, the one who takes care of us. The one who made us who we are.

“We chose Kamshet, Native Place and its Paragliding opportunity as the perfect way to expand our emotional horizons.”

And it worked. It did. We laughed, we cried. We swam in the lake under the moon light and woke up on the terrace to the chirping of the Bulbul.

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