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Feast on a whole new dimension of adventure and thrills

Nirvana Adventures activities will teach you teamwork in exciting outdoor settings. Our certified guides will take your team hiking or teach them the fundamentals of rock climbing, paragliding or valley crossing that promises lot of thrill and excitement.

For a touch of tranquility we also provide you with leisure nature activities in order for you to experience a balanced frame of mind.

Choose from a carried list of preferred activities or let us work out a suitable program for you.

Paragliding adventures – Learn the art of flying free like a bird. Go paragliding

Engage in paragliding

Probably one of our most popular activities. Paragliding is a sport for all ages and abilities. Enjoy a fun session or take things a little more seriously with one of our formal courses. We train you on some of the best training hills in the country.
3 different courses for you to choose from

2 day course

Your introduction to paragliding for someone just wanting to try out something new and exciting

3 day course

Aimed at those who want to achieve their dream of free flight but don't have two weekends to spare

5 day course

For those who are sure they want to fly solo

Probably one of our most popular activities. Paragliding is a sport for all ages and abilities. Enjoy a fun session or take things a little more seriously with one of our formal courses. We train you on some of the best training hills in the country.

To get more information on Tandem Paragliding, click here.

Multi activity adventures - Feel the excitement of climbing hills and scaling new heights. Go mountaineering!

In this activity, a rope is tied to the harness which one dons as he slides down from a height. Climb up to the terrace and zoom down to the ground as your group cheers for you. A quick rush which will get you in a mood to deal with more challenges.

Have you got a head for heights? There is only one way to find out. After being introduced to some our basic climbing rope work and safety principles used by climbers all over the world, you'll be ready to tackle rock climbs ranging in difficulty from the comfortably, easy to ridiculously hard. Get over your vertigo and enjoy the experience.

Let yourself out on a rope, anything from 5m to 35m abseils and enjoy the challenge as you lean back over the edge and start your descent, on clear instructions of your instructor. You'll be surprised by the rush of emotions that run through your body before during and after your first abseil. This activity is addictive as you'd want to go back up and ask for more.

Walks are designed to be safe and challenging means of getting closer to nature. At Nirvana Adventures, you can go on early morning excursions to work up that appetite and admire the views or take a long ramble in the jungle to explore beautiful sights.

This activity involves the use of a small device we attach to a rope to prevent you slipping back down the slope as you attempt an ascent. You still have to climb. Feel the adrenaline rush as you slide down slopes.

Valley crossing is a challenge that tests your strength and endurance. We stretch a one hundred foot static line rope across a creek bed, with you harnessed and helmeted, connected to a karabiner and attached to the rope, upside down. You'll then have to pull hand over hand, inch by inch from one bank the stream bed to the other. Compete with friends and watch the excitement explode.

Also known as Ropes Challenge Courses, Challenging Outdoor Personal experience or Challenging Outdoor Physical Encounters (COPE) course.

Low ropes courses consist of a series of real and imaginary obstacles designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a task.

During a low ropes course, the focus is to work as a team. Activities draw on the knowledge and ideas of every group member and require the participation and co-operation of the entire team for success. You get half day and full day programs to test your skills.

This activity can stretch over an afternoon or overnight. It's perfect for groups of all ages and degrees of fitness and skill. The program includes an introduction to orienteering, orienteering games, map reading, using a compass, outdoor cooking, building a bonfire, choosing a campsite, pitching tents, etc.

Generate a Mood of Energy and Enjoyment. The games are designed to let people have some fun, add involvement, excitement and entertainment. Games give everyone the opportunity to break out of traditional roles and express themselves more freely. It’s a great way to have participants move, stay active and refresh their minds putting them in a totally different perspective.

Inspirational Nature Retreats - Awaken your sense of wonder. Step out and be inspired

Creative nature activities to give people joyful and inspiring experiences of nature and bring out latent potential awaken curiosity and strengthen ones connections with life. Participants experience the pleasure of a harmonious time in nature through our elaborately designed activities.

An in-depth nature weekend that gently guides people, step by step, to deeper, more profound experiences of nature.

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