Club Pilot Course

Club pilot course for paragliding perfection

Club Pilot

This course is for elementary pilots looking to learn more skills and fly longer and higher.

An elementary pilot course done in the recent past in any part of the world with a log of  Minimum 15 Solo EP flights followed by a Pre Soaring Instructional Tandem will make you eligible to take up this course.
I fly airplanes for a living but getting airborne without being enclosed by a coca cola can and the aid of a noisy engine is way more fun. My first visit to India was made complete by the stunning scenery, the new friends I made, the music, the parties. The tandoori barbeque at Native Place was my favourite. Thanks guys...I am looking forward to coming back.
Ruth Murrell
Hong Kong
This course is designed to help you fly for extended periods. You will hone your skills in the air as well as freshen and expand your understanding of site assessment, weather assessment, meteorology, flight planning, rules of the air and safety. You will learn how to gain height and soar like a bird for extended periods of time. You will gain a deeper understanding of the glider, its characteristics and how to fly it safely and competently as well as deal with instability. The emphasis here is to get you comfortable in the air on your own as the pilot in command. Radio supervision is provided for your comfort and safety.

  • Forward & reverse launch techniques
  • Strong wind post landing procedures
  • Planned approaches
  • Ridge Soaring
  • Exploring the speed range
  • Accelerator systems
  • Weight shift
  • Pitch control
  • 180 degree & 360 degree turns
  • Cross wind launch
  • Rapid descent techniques
  • Dealing with asymmetric tucks
  • Duration flights up to one hour duration
  • Simulator Sessions
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of flight
  • Rules of the air
  • Airmanship knowledge
  • Theory of instability & emergencies
  • Audio / visual interactive sessions
  • Glider care
  • Multiple choice written exam

The above course package includes equipment usage (a set of equipment is allotted for your exclusive use during training), course material, instruction ,radio supervision , complimentary site transport as well as food & stay (4 nights & 5 days) at our Native Place guesthouse.

Rs 25,000/- Per Head -  Course doesnt Include Pre Soaring Phase  

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Nirvana Adventures puts your safety first: We are conservative when it comes to training you on bunny slopes, tandem flights or High mountain sites. We do this only when the conditions are ideal. Safety is our main concern and we rely on good weather conditions for training you. Kamshet is fortunate enough to have the best climate with light and moderate winds for most of the year round, so fly-able days are plentiful.
Checkout some of our student's videos
Richard rocks on

February 01, 2010

Watch Richard as he executes a smooth, confident takeoff with a little help from his instructor. This was his first high flight from Tower Hill, Kamshet at the onset of his Club Pilot course.

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Next steps

The 5 day Club Pilot Course takes you all the way to flying on your own for extended periods of time without the direct supervision of an instructor within the significant operating limitations. At about this time you can begin thinking about buying your own wing, becoming a hobby pilot and escaping to the solitude and freedom of cool air above and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow pilots.

Our instructors and senior pilots will help you make the transition from school to flying on your own and taking your own decisions To encourage you to stay current in the sport Nirvana Adventures offers our Club Pilots subsidized rates on glider rental and accommodation at Native Place.

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Course Highlights

At Nirvana Adventures, you get

A planned system of training based on the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) standards.

A healthy student instructor ratio, to ensure quality instruction and guidance at every stage.

Exclusive paragliding equipment including harness, helmet and radio, keeping your weight range and course level in mind, reserved for you.

Complimentary Food and Stay at Native Place, the best accommodation in the area overlooking the serene Vadivali lake.
An unforgettable trip

An unforgettable trip

Dilprit Sabarwal

Being with family, friends and like minded people from various parts of the world, all with a common objective of flying at quite a virgin site.

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Peace bliss

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The Nirvana Team

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