Elementary Pilot Course

A complete package of basic paragliding
lessons for beginners

Elementary Pilot
If you are sure you want to take up the sport as a hobby we recommend you start with our 4 day Elementary Pilot Course, an intensive course that gives you many solo flights and hours of ground handling thereby polishing the basic skills you require to become a safe competent pilot. This course can be completed over two weekends.
Anyone above 16 years of age can register for this course provided you don't have a previous history of heart disease, major back ailments or blackouts.
Reasonable physical fitness is an asset although a sportive attitude would hold you in good stead too.

No previous flight experience required
I come over at least once a month with my wife and 3 year old daughter. My family feels at home at Native Place. My wife has now completed her P1 course and my daughter recently did a tandem flight. They both loved the experience. We will soon be back for a week while she completes her P2. Hopefully I too will squeeze in some flying time.

Practical training covers a large part of this course. After hours of close supervision of ground training, you proceed to do a number of low level flights that helps build your confidence and judgment. Thereafter you progress to a number of higher flights, radio supervised by your instructor. The aim here is to hone the basic skills of launching, turning and landing and give you a strong foundation.
  • Site Assessment
  • Introduction to the Equipment
  • Canopy Layout
  • Forward Launch technique
  • Ground handling
  • Cross Wind Launch
  • S- Turns
  • Flight Planning & Safety
  • Course correction
  • Maintaining airspeed
  • Low Level flights (bunny hops)
  • Solo Flights
  • Targeted Landings
  • Landing & Post Landing Procedure
  • Audio video interactive sessions
  • Aerodynamics & Airmanship
  • Simulator Sessions
The above course package includes equipment usage (a set of equipment, allotted for your exclusive use during training), course material , instruction and radio supervision, complementary site transport as well as food & stay (3 nights & 4 days) at our Native Place guesthouse.
Nirvana Adventures puts your safety first: We are conservative when it comes to training you on bunny slopes, tandem flights or High mountain sites. We do this only when the conditions are ideal. Safety is our main concern and we rely on good weather conditions for training you. Kamshet is fortunate enough to have the best climate with light and moderate winds for most of the year round, so fly-able days are plentiful.
Checkout some first flight videos made by our students.
Sagar Mangala’s first solo paraglidng flight.

December 24,2009

Sagar takes off with a little help from Ravi his instructor and once airborne has a wonderful flight in the gentle early morning wind.

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Next steps

After Elementary Pilot course, students looking to stay with the sport can continue with practice flights to hone skills learnt and complete the mandatory flight necessary to qualify for the Club Pilot Course. Practice makes you proficient and soon you will be taking off, making turns and landing with ease and longing for duration flights. Now’s the time to sign up for our Club Pilot Course that is designed to keep you soaring.

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Course Highlights

At Nirvana Adventures, you get

A planned system of training based on the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) standards.

A healthy student instructor ratio, to ensure quality instruction and guidance at every stage.

Exclusive paragliding equipment including harness, helmet and radio, keeping your weight range and course level in mind, reserved for you.

Complimentary Food and Stay at Native Place, the best accommodation in the area overlooking the serene Vadivali lake.

Jill Nephew

Jill Nephew

I only had a week in India, and I didn't have the heart to go to the Himalayas for such a short jaunt, especially if I had to face a week of un-flyable weather (the weather in the big mountains can be unpredictable).

So I hooked up with guys at Nirvana Adventures about 120 km outside Bombay. Their base at Kamshet, with its consistent weather and variety of flying sites has gained popularity in PG circles as a great place to learn how to fly as well as gain airtime and progress to higher levels. Nirvana Adventures train here through the year except for the monsoon months of June to September.

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