Sites close to Pune City

Paragliding sites close to Pune city

40 km away from Kamshet is Pune the watering hole for pilots who want a break from the quiet country life in Kamshet, well known to foreign tourists because of the Rajneesh (Osho) ashram and its courses in meditation . An hour or more out of the city are a number of flying sites that are great for soaring, thermic and XC flying. Most of these sites are flyable only in the winter months after which conditions get too strong and pilots change direction towards Kamshet.

25 km from Pune on the Babadev Ghat road. Pune city transport busses ply there. The take off is tricky and it is best in South - East wind. Another rather difficult launch in the bowl nearby for North - West wind. This is a complicated range of hills and the winds come in from all directions. One can fly here in December and January although it is advisable to ask the advice of local pilots before attempting to fly here.

An hour out of Pune this site is further up from Sihaghad via the Babadev Ghat road but better accessed by the Hadapsar - Sanswad road. The take off is 800 ft. above landing. The prevailing wind is North - East and best time to fly is between November to February. In March & April conditions get strong but one could fly in the evenings. This site is good for soaring and thermalling and one can make it to Diva Ghat 4 kms away and back on a good day. Top landing is possible and there are a lot of fields around. The ridge goes on upto Sihaghad and further.

Also accessible from the Hadapsar road Diva Ghat is close to kaniphnath and flyable from December to February. Takeoff is 800 ft. above landing.

From Diva Ghat the Sanswad road goes on to Purandhar Fort. An hour or so out of Pune this North - East take-off has an altitude of 1000 feet. The launch is also good for east wind take-off. This site is good for soaring.

Off the Pune Mahad highway about 180 kms from Kamshet town overlooking the confluence of the Gandhari and Kaal rivers. This 3000 year old fort is a masterpiece of its times one of the impregnable bastions of the Maratha empire. Take-off 2700ft. msl. It has a cable car service which takes you to the top of the fort / cliff takeoff. An advanced site suitable for flying in the winter.

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