Sites Futher along the coast

Paragliding sites Sites further along the West coast / inland

A colonial hill station about 110 kms from Kamshet. Quaint cottages, winding roads, and panoramic views of the scenic Krishna valley. North - South ridge, take-off altitude is 1500m and landing altitude 1200m . This is an extremely popular flying site excellent for ridge soaring. The main take-off is Harrison’s Folly named after an eccentric Englishman from the imperial days who built a house on the ridge that was soon blown off by the winds. The ridge has a road to the top and has 4 main take-offs facing east into the wind. Down the road towards Wai is a take-off for South East winds.

Located at Shikhar Shingnapur, Phaltan this westerly bowl is great for soaring all day between the months of October to May. The take-off altitude of 150m. The take-off is walking distance from the MTDC hotel.

Four hours away from Pune, Satara is excellent for PG & HG. The sites are on a 30-50 km long ridge adjacent to the Ajinkyatara fort on the road to Kag Lake. It was featured in the Cross Country Magazine (April/May 2000 edition 68) and sited by Hugh Miller as an excellent XC site, a cross between Piedrahita (Spain) and Governador Valadares (Brazil) with smooth thermals and a series of southerly ridges making a trip all the way back to Pune 160 km away seem feasible. This site has been used by Indian HG pilots in the past.

This charming seaside town is world famous for its alphanso mangoes. 150 kilometres from Kamshet the road winds along the west coast allowing facinating glimpses of the beaches all the way. The site is 2 kilometers away from the city, close to MTDC Beach Resort. Steady, laminar sea breeze offers good soaring possibilities. Flying is possible for most of the day. Cliff launch.

North Goa, a quiet laid - back beach haven, steady reliable westerlies, good site for beginner’s and for logging air time. You can fly almost every day and if the winds are not right relax by the beach. Soft sands make soft landings, all you need to do is lift your feet as you come in for landing and the next thing you know you are skimming sand.

An hour’s drive out of Bangalore city in the state of Karnataka, are the Nandi hills where as per colonial tradition the city folk retreat to escape the summer heat.

The take-offf is just outside the Nehru House a charming, inexpensive old - world bungalow - the logical place to stay. Situated on a 600 meters high granite outcropping this mountain has many intermediate-advanced take-off possibilities on various faces. Unlimited landing possibilities in the plains below. Choose between thermic conditions in the day or fly the restitution for the smoothest conditions you can imagine. Great site for XC flying.

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