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Nirvana Adventures students share their paragliding experiences
Paragliding in India

‘I fly because it frees me from the tyranny of petty things…’ An inspirational paragliding video made by Dwane Fernandes a young pilot flying with Nirvana Adventures.

Course Highlights by some students

March 22, 2010

3 friends get together to achieve their dreams of flying free like birds, celebrate a birthday, meet people and have loads of fun.

Elementary Pilot Student @ Shinde

March 22, 2010

Raghu takes off in the gentle early morning wind and has a wonderful flight. His instructor’s reassuring voice gently guides him on the radio all through his flight.

Sagar Mangala’s first solo paraglidng flight.

December 24,2009

Sagar takes off with a little help from Ravi his instructor and once airborne has a wonderful flight in the gentle early morning wind.

Dr Pathak at Tower Hill

June 28, 2009

Doc Pathak an ex student visits Nirvana Adventures for a flying holiday at Kamshet An independent pilot now, here we see Doc Pathak takeoff confidently on his own, gain height and enjoy a beautiful soaring flight until sunset.

Check out some videos of the flying scene at Kamshet made by pilots who have visited us for a paragliding holiday.
Fly Nirvana

March 03,2009

Peder of Aventyrscente Sweden has been visiting Nirvana Adventures and Native Place with a group of pilots every December since 2006. Many of the pilots traveling with him on paragliding holiday to Kamshet return each year – a sure testimonial of our services.

Kamshet Shine On

March 19, 2009

Swedish Paraglidier Pilot Tomas aka DJ Atmos is a regular face at Nirvana Adventures. We look forward to having him over to fly and hang with us each year.

Paragliding in Kamshet, India

February 02,2009

Nirvana Adventures and Native Place has been hosting Vincent Verbon of Paragliding Holland and his pilot group since 2007. Here is a video made by Alexatwork of Paragliding Holland. It takes you from the bustle of Mumbai city to the serenity of Native Place, the quaintness of Kamshet and un-crowded sites and freedom of the skies above.

Paragliding in Kamshet - India

January 2008

Dutchmen Hans, Oscar Rob and Eddy spend one week in India with Nirvana Adventures and have a relaxing holiday experience. The film captures the peace of Native Place, the color of village India and the beauty of flying here at Kamshet - enjoy!

India Paragliding 2009

March 29, 2009

Another video by Oscar and the flying Dutchmen . Regulars at Native Place and Nirvana Adventures.

Laurie’s first Paragliding Adventure

February 27, 2009

Soon after completing his Paragliding Club Pilot course in the UK Laurie Summers travels solo to Kamshet India to fly with Nirvana Adventures and enjoy great food, a warm atmosphere and fun flying company. Watch him soar over Tower Hill.

We have been featured in a variety of popular news and entertainment TV shows. Here are some favorites.
V People

30 September 2007

V People is a show about people, their life, their space, day-in-the-life with intimate moments, inspiring tales of struggle, courage and fun. Sanjay Rao was considered as an ideal V person.

CNBC - Weekend Masti

30 September 2007

WEEKEND MASTI is a show, which gives a plethora of options -about the way the weekend can be spent -, from what one can do to where one can eat; from film listings to music reviews - it has it all. - CNBC Awaaz is known for its news that can be used and their show on paragliding with Nirvana Adventures covered all the details about learning to fly, its joys and excitement.

ET Now

30 September 2007

Starting Up captures the spirit of the Indian Start-up Community – it profiles the journey of the most innovative Indian startups and traces the highs and lows, the challenges, the story so far as well as views from customers and other members of the supply chain.

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