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Learn To Paraglide. The Nirvana Way.

Nirvana Adventures India's first & only ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Paragliding School  follows a comprehensive, tried & tested paragliding training program designed to teach the necessary flying skills in a logical progressive way, together with imparting the essential knowledge & skills you need to continue flying safely.

We have created a holiday atmosphere around our courses so when you sign up for a course you not only learn how to fly but also have a great holiday experience.

Native Place our base is a unique guesthouse overlooking a stunning lake with a beautiful garden, great meals and weekend pilot get together’s. It will soon become your home away from home.

Come fly with us and discover the freedom of powerless flight.

Why choose Nirvana Adventures – Make an informed choice

We follow a planned system of training based on the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) standard operating procedures and pilot proficiency systems.

Nirvana Adventures has full time instructors and staff available to teach you on a daily basis.

Our Instructors have years of teaching & flying experience, continuously upgrade their teaching skills and take time out to fly and explore new sites in the country and abroad.

We have trained pilots from around the country and the world. (Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, Salem, Delhi, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Alaska, Holland, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Finland, America and Russia).

In case you are traveling abroad or in case of our non Indian students we liaise with the local school / club and assist you in getting the necessary paperwork to fly abroad.

We assure you quality, airworthy equipment (paraglide, harness, helmet and radio) suited to your weight range and skill level.

We have an impressive range of Audio Video teaching aids and facilities, books, a briefing room and a Simulator - a valuable teaching tool.

We take care of your transport from the guesthouse to the flying site each day. This means you don’t have to drive your car up and down the bumpy village roads to the site and back each day.

Native Place our base is a purpose built guesthouse equipped with international bunkhouse style accommodation overlooking a stunning lake. You stay at the best place in the area and get to meet pilots and students from all over the world.

We have a proven track record and will be here to support you long into the future

We rent you equipment at subsidized rates. Once you complete our Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot course you can rent a wing and fly with us until you buy your own equipment.

We are authorized dealers for a variety of reputed equipment (paragliders, harnesses, helmets and accessories) and offer our students quality equipment at the best prices.

Since we are based here we are available 24/7 and are always around to fly with you, assist you and offer advice.

Our students are entitled to special rates at the Native Place guesthouse that include food, stay and site transportation.

Students and pilots are welcome to join our flying trips in India and abroad. Check out our flying trips page.

We organize periodic fly-ins and special skill courses for you to improve your knowledge and skills.

Native Place guesthouse is home to pilots their families & friends offering a warm homely atmosphere to the family when spouses are out flying.

We have been flying and teaching at Kamshet since 98’ and have trained numerous people from all over the world.

We are responsible for discovering the paragliding potential of Kamshet, building necessary infrastructure to transform remote Kamshet into a paragliding destination drawing adventure enthusiasts & pilots from all over the world.

Our activities have been featured in a remarkable variety of reputed newspapers & periodicals. Check the Nirvana Paragliding News page.

We have trained the army the navy and the air force.

Our emphasis is on getting our students to enjoy the sport and fly safely.

Upgrading our equipment and our teaching skills to keep abreast with the latest innovations in the sport is high on our list of priorities.

It is our policy to have the best equipment available to our students and clients.

We are conservative in our training programs and teaching and tandem flights are done only in ideal conditions.

Our courses incorporate a holiday atmosphere so along with learning to fly you get to chill out and have a break.

19 Great Reasons to Join Nirvana Adventures.

Instructor/ Student Ratio 1:3, Ensure quality of instruction & ease of learning
Instructors Full time resident instructors
Equipment/ Student Ratio 1:1, Dedicated use of glider during course
Equipment Consistency Dedicated flying gear allocated from day 1
Course Program Based on International guidelines
Course Material Logs/ Records/ Manuals Included
Course Availability Full Time (8 months except monsoons)
Theory Plus Interactive Video sessions Included
Daily Site Transport Included
Accommodation Exclusive guesthouse for students, visting pilots, family and friends
Food Delicious home cooked Indian & Continental cuisine included. BBQ & Tandoor available on weekends
Pilot/ Student Interaction & Get Together's Regular weekend fly-ins and visiting pilot interactions
Equipment Availability Stock of Certified Equipment of all sizes
Equipment Hire/ Supervision Special rates for students to keep you flying
Equipment Purchase Sole dealers of state of the art equipment - full support
News Updates Regular Newsletters on Nirvana & Paragliding
Certification Based on International standards
The Trip Learning, Fun, Excitement, Relaxation
Overall Hassle free all included & looked after paragliding holiday
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A core team of pilots and adventure enthusiasts who train, guide and directly supervise paragliding holidays and students. Read more about our creators and instructors.
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