3 Day Paragliding Safety & Thermalling Course with Jocky Sanderson at Kamshet

3 Day Paragliding Safety & Thermalling Course with Jocky Sanderson at Kamshet

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Jocky Sanderson and Chris White with the FlyNirvana Team

The dates for the course were November 4th to 6th. Ten of us from Nirvana Adventures including a young Sunith Rao who has been a great fan of Jocky’s having watched his Security in Flight training video  innumerable times since the age of 4. In all there were over 35 pilots signed in for the course and our team went with no expectations and an open minds happy to meet the big man, listen to and fly with him.

Jocky Sanderson came across as youthful and full of energy. We were all familiar with how he looked from having watched his Security in flight video for the past 15 years. ‘He seems to be growing younger’ I thought. I guess it comes from doing what you love most.  From his very first lecture we were spellbound. He delivered his lectures with a playful energy and his sound effects ( yes he made the most interesting sounds much to our delight) we were hooked.   A guru for sure –  I’d say a natural child and a guru rolled into one. An amazing combo of wisdom, patience and enthusiasm

Site Briefing
Setting out the tasks for the day

Over the next couple of days were filled with morning and evening lectures and and an afternoon flying session  (Strong winds in the morning kept is in the classroom)   The group was loosely divided according to experience and the more proficient pilots took off in stronger winds while the rest waited for more favorable conditions. the flying was task based – thermalling, practicing maneuvers and those who got enough height would head out with Chris White, Jocky’s colleague.

Jocky Sanderson and Chris White - Party on the roof at Native Place

All in all it was a wonderful experience. Jocky beame a catalyst and raised our energy levels and our eagerness to learn, better ourselves. ‘Practice Practice Practice’, ‘Push your boundaries’ and ‘become one with your wing’ were the key words flying around. He changed the way we percieved our home sites and opened our thought process to new and exciting possibilities. Many pilots bested their performances including Rinul Pashankar who flew 6 km  XC along with Jockey  on the last day ( read about that in the next blog)

To see more pictures of this weekend click here

We are all grateful for the wonderful energizing experience

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao

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