Ozone Mojo rising

Ozone Mojo rising

First flight at Tower Hill

I had a great first flight of the season at tower hill. The wind was mild and I did 15 minutes of kiting a bit behind take off, ran with the wing inflated up to takeoff and then ran down hill with wing inflated for another 10 feet or more!!! –

The wing is great – good colors, easy inflation & handling, responsive but not as sensitive as the sport 2 where I only had to think of turning and the glider would turn. This one is less demanding though and does not need my constant attention therefore leaves me time to chill as opposed to being on guard.

I must have had a 1/2 hour flight – thermal ling, scratching and feeling the wing. The flight was just great, conditions smooth, good landing near but not at designated landing spot and husband waiting at landing to take me home to Mumbai in the ‘new Scorpio’!

Life rocks!


Pic: my new Mojo 2 at tower hill on Sunday morning!
Picture credits: ‘sparrow hawk’

Author: Astrid Rao

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