Singing the Billing Blues

 Nirvana Adventures Gang paragliding at Billing

Back home to Mumbai and Kamshet but our thoughts keep going back to Bir Billing. We miss the daily flying fix,  the friends we made,  the general excitement and more. Doc and Piku are still there and and killing it every day with great flights.  Doc has been  enjoying the air and testing the thermals gearing up to fly the house thermal with the crows at Pipalkoti.

Piku who arrived  a few days before we left was amazed with our aerial achievements and determined to start off with an instructional tandem flight with Steve to get over his nerves and learn how to thermal.When we last spoke to him he said that he doing some serious flying under Steve’s guidance and was enjoying every minute of it

Steve’s guidance was simply the best and we all have come away richer for the experience.Mike, Bruce, Flo, Severine and many others  encouraged me to keep at it and I am grateful for the energy they shared with me.


Sachit and Chiqui are back in the city too but planning to make a dash for Bir once more.  We will keep at it at Kamshet and are looking forward to a rocking season beginning with Tower Hill where we will explore the air with new perspective.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao

Author: Astrid Rao

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