Countdown till the season begins

Countdown till the season begins


With the strange overcast weather continuing over the next few days it is becoming rather difficult to fix on a date to open the season and get courses going. Simply don’t know what to tell new students who have been waiting patiently during the monsoon and are now calling in to fix their dates. It’s the same story with pilots. Sandeep, Shekhar,  Kaustubh, Dwane, Hiren, Gokul,  Sanjay and me all met up at Sunil’s ‘International Watch Exhibition’ where Sanjay indulged in a T Touch. Every one is getting itchy wings.

We are tired of seeing each other’s faces for short spans of time in the city. Somehow meeting pilot friends on the hill with the entire weekend and the fact of getting airborne right there in front of you is so much nicer.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings


Author: Astrid Rao

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