Dwane joins the fun in the sky

Dwane joins the fun in the sky

Tower Power - Paraglider in the sun
Tower Power – Paraglider in the sun

Dwane joins the fun — after a month long in (Oulidinez) Turkey and Greece Dwane gets back into the air of Kamshet with the flynirvana team to soak in the native sun and sky and enjoy the good life right here at home.

Parawaiting at Tower Hill
Parawaiting at Tower Hill

He joined the team of five friends and the Flynirvana crew for some camaraderie at the takeoff and antics in the sky.

Hectic days at the flying site and peaceful times at the Native Place guesthouse ( it’s no secret that we all love being there midweek)  where he put together a video of his Acro Paraglding course and holiday with pg pilot brother Dylan Fernandes.  The video shows highlights of his trip and many friends met on his travels and Nirvana Pilots ( Kalyan Rataonkar, Rich Guest and Laurie Summers ) he met up with at Turkey too Here’s the link – enjoy

Dwane Fernandes,
Dwane Fernandes, :” Acro training in Oludeniz was completely mental! I’ve never pushed myself so hard, been so afraid, and been as excited in a paraglider ever. After many many many stalls, dynamic sats and vertical beards, I left Oludeniz with sore arms and a big smile. Oludeniz you have been amazing.
Mad love to my Oludeniz family !!!
Cheggit guys !! ”


Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao



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