Fly back home

Fly back home

flying back home
Martin's flight from Tower Hill to Native Place

French paraglider pilot and instructor Philippe Lebre visited us again for the 6th time this January accompanied by a bunch of old friends and pilots from Moustiers Ste Marie.  They spent a week at Native Place enjoying the paragliding, the food,  fragrant plantings in the garden that  are so different and yet similar to the countryside in Provence with its highly scented lavender the fields   and herbs growing wild on the hillsides  .

Rafael landing in front of Native Place

They made the most of XC January flying from tower hill back home to Native Place and from the Lake view site behind Native Place to Shelar and back.  Guests found it very exciting to see them touchdown on a spit of land just below Native Place pack up and stroll back home in the evening to chill out on the terrace with a sun downer.

French Paraglider Pilots at Native Place
Back home at Native Place
Author: Astrid Rao

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