Holi chya poss

Holi chya poss

Holi chya pos


If you ever drive up to Native Place on Holi day be prepared for groups of kids who will stop your car at various points demanding poss – they hold a rope across the road to stop vehicles.  Stop and give them a 10 rupee note and they squeal in excitement – this is a collection for the Holi celebrations that they have at the end of the day.


This year on Holi day we got in to Native Place after an early morning training session at Shinde Tekdi. The wind was coming in from the east in the morning again rather surprising for March but why complain about the vagaries of the weather if it means one more, great Tower flying day. We enjoyed the interaction with the children and took some great pix on the way in.


Sandeep leaves the hill


The next day it was still east and we headed to Tower Hill early in the morning. Sandeep managed to gain enough height to leave the hill and flew up to Govitri – we see him in the picture above entering Native Place feeling like a sky-god. Dwane got a great flight too and landed north of the river. All in all an exciting opening of the new season of spring

Author: Astrid Rao

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