Let’s be grateful for our flying sites

Let’s be grateful for our flying sites

Nirvana Adventures Paragliding at Kamshet
Nirvana Pilots bonding with the local kids at Kamshet
A few days ago I came across a news report in the Times of India about a Russian paraglider who was roughed up by agitated farmers after taking off at Harrison Folly, Panchgani and landing in a field outside the town of Wai. Panchgani is not a site for the beginner and pilots flying here prefer to top land as landing at Wai means a very, very long bus journey back up to takeoff.

In case of an occasion where one may not be able to top land the system set in place by the local pilots is to discuss a small compensation with the local farmer. No farmer would be happy to have a sky god landing in his fields and spoiling his crop and so one needs to respect his sentiment and deal with such situations sensitively.

We don’t have the details on what exactly went down in this incident but we consider it a good occasion for us pilots flying at Kamshet to stop a moment to reflect on and be grateful for the rapport and respect we share with the local farmers and land owners at Kamshet. our access to the sites here depend on the good will of the local people and we need to tread gently and give back at least a little if not as much as we receive.

Here are a few basic things to remember:

  • Pilots remember the Leave No Trace rules – take home your garbage and urge your friends & guests to do the same.
  • Park considerately in the official parking areas.
  • Don’t drive your 4 wheel drives in to the landing at the Shelar site – the farmers dont take to this kindly at all.
  • Stick to the  paths
  • Pet owners keep your dogs home or away from cattle.
  • Don’t land in the standing crop or tall grasses – yes  grass is a precious commodity.
  • Be careful while smoking else you may burn up the hillsides.
  • Take part in Nirvana Adventures CSR activities.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid & Sanjay Rao

Author: Astrid Rao

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