Monsoon fun and festivities at Nirvana Adventures

Monsoon fun and festivities at Nirvana Adventures

The beautiful Shelar Hills
Shelar site in the monsoon season

All through the monsoon season (June to September) we continue to go up to Native Place on the weekends. The paragliding season will only reopen in October but each weekend as we drive by on the road from Kamshet to Native place my eyes turn to the Shelar hills on the right to get a glimpse of what is going on there. In the first two weeks it is amazing to watch the brown hillsides turn green. Next the tiny silvery snaky waterfalls begin to be seen on the cliff face behind. Depending on the force of the rain we may see as many 14 or more waterfalls and when it is raining heavily the entire Shelar hillside is shrouded in a cloudy haze.

Last weekend we headed right in that direction. We were going to Karanjgaon village to visit the homes of the nirvana crew and kids on the occasion of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. As we drove closer to the Shelar site it was fascinating to see up close and personal the transformation that the rain had brought to the site.

A window to Shelar
It was also lovely to visit the homes of all the crew and kids.

Ravi Shelar has built a new home and we got the tour of it too – Here is a view of the site from his bedroom window. He also can see the Tower Hill site from his front balcony.

We visited many ganesh idols installed in the houses of all the kids but I could not resist putting up the pic of the idol at Pramod’s house with its very current ‘I am Anna’ theme. Anna Hazare has inspired us all 🙂

Ganpati and Anna Hazare

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

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