Nirvana goes to Bir in June

Rinul paragliding at BirRinul takes off

Bir in springtime they say is beautiful. I have often imagined the mountain slopes covered in wildflowers and hoped to get there someday in June. I almost got to experience it this June but stuff happened and plans changed. The rest of the Nirvana paragliding team made it though. Steve of course was already camping thereFlynirvana team in Bir BillingRavi and Bandya who were just married went oup with their wives, Sandeep , Vinay, Dylan and Arun too and Sanjay and Rinul followed later. The guys spent a whole month there and despite the rain and cloud buildup they were blessed with great opportunities and and had some amazing flights.Each day they attempted XC flights – out and return to red temple or big face, Joginder Nagar and even Mandi and back. Dwane and me followed their escapades from Mumbai going green with every piece of flying news. Flying in the mountains is truly exhilarating. Well maybe next June…Peace Bliss & Happy LandingsAstrid Rao

Author: Astrid Rao

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