Nirvana hosts a dental camp at Kamshet

Nirvana hosts a dental camp at Kamshet

 Nirvana hosts a dental camp at Kamshet

A toothache can be very painful experience but when Sanjay Rao got one it turned out to have far reaching consequences. His root canal treatment led to the dentist being interested in paragliding and soon Nirvana Adventures was hosting a team of dentists who came over on the weekend to experience free flight & offer in return a free dental camp for the villagers.

The camp was held at Uksaan village on the 14th of March. To start of with as anyone who has been to the dentist can imagine the kids made themselves scarce but the dentists had a trick up their sleeves – a packet of biscuits for the few who did turn up – this led to a chain reaction and soon the place was flooded with kids who had their teeth examined and were given lessons in oral hygiene – then it was the turn for the rest of the villagers. All in all a hundred people were seen to with 9 extractions done favoring old people who find it difficult to travel out to get medical help. When we packed up people were still turning up. It was a highly rewarding experience for us – and a part of our commitment to the community. the dentists all enjoyed great tandem paraglider joyrides the next day and went back to the city refreshed and happy.

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