Nirvana Paragliding Season 2013 – 2014 Commences

Nirvana Paragliding Season 2013 – 2014 Commences

Apoorva reaches Kamshet

It’s good to be back here. First of all, hello, I’m planning to make myself sort of a permanent fixture at Native Place. So if you do swing by, come say hello. You’ll probably find me on a hammock under the Umbar Tree.

The season has finally begun, sort of, what with all the switching winds and random rain. But everyone is making the most of it and dying to get back into flying. Dwane finally got a chance to test his new wing the Tala designed by Bruce Goldsmith under his own lable  BDG –  check out the massive smile on his face 😉

Dwane Paragliding BDG Tala

We’ve also had our first full batch of students, with a new group starting everyday. Yesterday was the first day back at Shinde hill and quite a successful one for most. A student, Meher, was converted from wanting a tandem to wanting to become a pilot (all this in one bunny hop). We’ve had a bunch of guys all the way from Calcutta who are now figuring out ways to come back to Kamshet, although it’s cheaper for them to fly to Thailand.

Students Oct 17th Blog

It’s been a fun week, but we’re yet to see a sunset at Native Place, since the clouds are refusing to leave, quite like an annoying guest. Hopefully they hear our prayers and disappear soon. We’re hoping for some cloudless nights this weekend in the hope of seeing some meteor showers. The Orionids are going to be on display all this weekend through the wee hours of the night, just giving us an excuse to party longer this Saturday.

Just as an aside, I made a new discovery on by staying back on a Monday night for the first time. Mangesh Dada’s chicken is to die for. So if you can, stay back an extra day, at least for the chicken.

So hope to see you all soon, and here’s hoping for a cracker of a season!


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