Once you have tasted flight …

Once you have tasted flight …

paragliding at Shelar
The Shelar ridge
Hi All,
Although I have been spending every weekend at Kamshet as usual, it had been many weeks since I went paragliding. I had been nursing an injured shoulder for the past 6 weeks and immersed in our new herb growing venture at Native Place.  This Saturday I finally got to Shelar and had a long happy flight. The wind was cross when we got there but it graciously turned to give everyone a chance to get up. It felt wonderful to trudge up the hill and then takeoff and be greeted by the cool crisp air above. The conditions were soothing and easy and the company of friends and family in the air (my nephew Dylan and Rinul who were also flying after a break) all added up to a great evening.
I flew about freely, ensconced in comforting friendly air all around me, singing to myself, watching people takeoff below me and work their way up.  Soon the restitution kicked in and it was lifting all over. I spotted a long billed vulture and was thrilled with the sighting. It flew over my glider and I followed it happily for a while singing loudly wondering if it could hear me. Finally the sun sank below the hills and it was time to get my feet back on the ground and head back to of Native Place.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao

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