Paragliding Clearances – Kamshet , Maharashtra , India  – Season 2013-14

Paragliding Clearances – Kamshet , Maharashtra , India – Season 2013-14

Full power flying at Tower Hill
 Tower Hill (East )  (Picture Courtesy – Jocky Sanderson)

The Nirvana Team is happy to announce that we have received formal Clearances  for Recommencement  of Paragliding Operations at Kamshet  from the relevant authorities and NOTAM’s   are in place for the new flying season which commenced recently.

Our sincere  thanks to  the District Administration,  Security  Services  &  Indian Air Force Base  – AOC &  ATC – Lohegaon  – Pune  for their kind support and co-operation.

Area of  Flying  is to be restricted to  5Kms  Radius of  Takeoff (18′ 44 52’.31”N    73′ 32 33’.88” E )

Time of Flying  is from 0800 hrs to 1900 hrs 

Altitude Limit   is  5000 Feet  / 1525 Metres ASL

Tower Hill Kamshet

The NOC  granted requires the  Operator who has been authorised  at the location  to take daily formal clearances   from the ATC  – at commencement  of operations  and advise on close of session.

This is not a blanket permit for the sites we fly.  We request all pilots to make sure that the daily clearance for the appropriate sites are  in place before they fly at Kamshet  to avoid any issues.

Flying West Face
Tower Hill (West)  (Picture Courtesy – Carlo Bossatino)

Further more All Pilots  will need to  advise the the Operator who has the NOC    and have to provide all their ID’s / Licenses etc before flying .  Over and above this all pilots may have to take police clearances as required.

We would request  all  pilots respect this  requirement  as  this is one of the primary conditions  set by the Security, Administration & Defence   while  granting clearances   from a National Security & Safety point of view.

All Pilots who are soaring  must have  a Variometer so they can strictly observe the ceiling granted  and carry the appropriate Communication Equipment   so they are in touch with the authorised operator under whose clearance they are flying .

All Pilots must note that we will also be sharing our airspace with Hot Air Balloons  who we need to co ordinate with  and  will now be operating in the same flying area and similar altitudes.  Apart  from Helicopters who use VFR and will be flying regularly  in the airspace above us with minimum safety altitude  of 6000 Ft  AMSL .

We  must always remember we are  now legally flying in Restricted Airspace that belongs to the IAF.  As responsible citizens n pilots we must adhere to all the restrictions imposed to fly safely.

All Pilots must understand that we have to respect the limitations strictly as we are all responsible to keep the skies open for paragliders and violations could lead to us  losing this privilege and are required to be reported to the respective authorities.

We wish you all  a very Happy Diwali  & look forward to sharing the sky with you  🙂

Peace, Bliss & Happy Landings

Sanjay & the Nirvana Team
















Author: Astrid Rao

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