Pre Monsoon Clouds are on their way in

Pre Monsoon Clouds are on their way in

pre monsoon clouds

Driving up to Kamshet on Friday morning our eyes turn skywards and all we could see were layers and layers of cumulus clouds. Some light some dark some thick some thin,  all piled up as their name indicates. I am groaning – thinking about the next couple of days flying  but Sanjay says “.This is inevitable – a good sign ( for the farmers and the country) that the monsoon is coming on time this year”.


On Saturday the Shelar skies were clear but strong gusting winds through the weekend right up to sunset and beyond put paid to our ideas of having even a short flight.

Arun, Anand, Colin, Chetan, Rohit, Vinay, and me all hung out at the takeoff for an hour or so and then finally decided to walk down. It was not all disappointment though – we had a blast fooling around on takeoff and even discovered some porcupine quills and solved the mystery of the shed quills. And then on returning home to Native Place we were treated to a synchronized display of fireflies. Those among us who had never seen it before were suitably impressed the rest of us thanked nature for this wonderful display.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings and long may our eyes see the fireflies

Astrid & Sanjay Rao 

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