Rio fulfills his dreams of flying like a bird

Rio fulfills his dreams of flying like a bird

All smiles at Landing – Rio with his pilot Ravi Shelar





“Thank you so much. It was the most awesome thing I’ve ever done”
“Ever since i was born i wanted to fly”
“I often dream of flying”
Not often do you come across statements like the ones above from a 10 year old but this young man was very clear about his dream to fly free.
I met  the Millison family, Andrew, Shellece and their son Rio at the International Permaculture Conference at Hyderabad. On hearing about Nirvana Adventures our paragliding school Andrew showed interest in visiting. He told me that his son Rio 10 year old was keen on flying and would definitely enjoy the activity. They kept the plan a secret and only told Rio once they arrived at Native Place.

Rio was ecstatic – En route to the flying site he spotted the gliders from a distance and could not take his eyes off them. They float upwards he said – how do they do that and I explained to him about the wind currents and how the glider flies. The winds were strong when we got there and we waited awhile. It was clear to see that he was an outdoors boy as he spent his time picking up little quartz crystals and throwing pebbles getting his hands all muddy and enjoying himself.

When his turn came he introduced himself to his tandem pilot Ravi Shelar saying “ Hi I’m Rio”
Ravi has two sons both equally enamoured with the idea of flying and Ravi often flies them tandem. Yet Ravi could not take the smile off his own face seeing Rio’s excitement

Top landing at Tower Hill, Kamshet

Rio landed with a big smile on his face and said to Ravi – Oh my God! Thank you so much, that was amazing.
On the way back to the parking he could not stop talking about his flight – did you see how far i went, did you see how high i was …

For us at Nirvana Adventures it was our pleasure to introduce Rio to the joys of free flying
Peace Bliss & Happy Landings
Sanjay and Astrid Rao

Author: Astrid Rao

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