Sunith Rao logs a hundred paragliding hours

Sunith Rao logs a hundred paragliding hours

Sunith logs a hundred hours
Sunith Rao logs a hundred hours


Hi All,

Nirvana Adventures is proud to announce that our very own Sunith Rao completed a hundred hours of flying on Wednesday the 1st of April 2015.  School, exams and college attendance have taken their fair share of his time but this determined 18 year old’s passion for flying has been a driving force.


Sunith 1

Sunith started ground handling at the age of 10 and did his first solo at the age of 14 as we couldn’t get a solo wing in his weight range before that 😉 . He now has more than 200++ solo flights and 100+ hours of airtime. Only last week he left the ridge Suniths first attempt at ground handlingon his own to fly back home from the Shelar site – a short but by no means Sunith 3simple 4 km XC surprising the staff at Native Place as he walked  into the house with a triumphant grin.


Repack on the Tandoor Terrace after XC
Repack on the Tandoor Terrace after XC

In a couple of weeks Sunith leaves for Turkey to do an SIV course with Jocky Sanderson.  Sunith has been watching Jocky’s videos since the tender age of 6,  In fact we have an old joke that he could be in the  Guinness book of world records for the umpteen number of times he has seen Jocky’s SIV video. One can only imagine how excited he is about this upcoming trip.

The Flynirvana family wishes him all the best for this trip. We hope that he learns and grows in this wonderful sport of paragliding and sets an example to other young people.


Fly Safe,

Astrid, Sanjay and the Flynirvana team



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