The Upside Down Pilots are flying at Kamshet

The Upside Down Pilots are flying at Kamshet

Norwegian paragliding pilots at Shelar

We welcome Dag Ivar Hansen back once more to enjoy the air at Kamshet and the company of his pals at Nirvana Adventures & Native Place. This year he is joined by Rolf Dale, Luis Fonseca, Frode Fester, Dag Morten Synstad, Stig Petter Kalsen Kjetil Åsbakk and Ruth Rørvik also from Norway.

They rocked the air on their first flying day at Shelar with Rolf and Louis aka Mickey Mouse doing a variety of synchronized acro maneuvers.

MadMickeyMouse and Rolf Dale Norwegian paraglidi

I must confess that the finer nuances of the maneuvers eluded me and with my heart pounding just watching their antics I was just too slow to capture the excitement on camera.

Here’s an excerpt from Mickey Mouse’s log:

YIHAAAAAAAAA 🙂 Finally, summer, thermals, altitude, beer, smiles and FLYING!!!
Rolf and me got up high, SAT, Helico, SAT2Helico, Tumble, WingOvers.
Still rusty after a long winter, new glider, new site.
Can it get better?
N O P E 🙂

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao

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