The Wedding Season at Shelar

The Wedding Season at Shelar


Hi All,

We are now in May, the last month of the flying season at Kamshet . Come June, the monsoon arrives and our landing fields turn into verdant waterlogged rice paddy fields.  Luckily for me  I am I parked at Native Place for the summer holidays  and can make the most of the flying this month.

This May we started with cloud build up, strong cross winds, unstable conditions and even had a thunderstorm on the 7th after which the weather settled down and flying has been phenomenal till date.


May is the wedding season, on the 8th was Bandya’s wedding and Ravi too ties the knot on the 27th of this month. Many of us are waiting eagerly for the occasion. There is nothing like a village wedding and the dance or shall I say the trance party begins from sunset and full power dancing in the streets goes on and on.  Guys Bandya’s party was a super experience for me. Dwane, Dylan, Hiren, Stan have been to many of these parties and every time I ask them what it was like they say super! But seeing and dancing for one ’s self is the only way to really experience it and that is exactly what we all did on the 8th night. I have never had so much fun in the city!


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You all can join us too – 27th May is the next big day.

Peace Bliss and Happy Landings

Astrid & Sanjay Rao 

Author: Astrid Rao

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