Welcoming the East Wind

Welcoming the East Wind

wild flowers and paraglider pilots

Yesterday while traveling up to Kamshet we noticed that the wind had turned east. We kept watching the signs but as we drove into Kamshet at about 10. 30 am the conditions had turned super strong. We decided to get to Tower Hill early the next morning, catch the first wind and enjoy the first flight of a brand new flying season. When we got to Kamseht Hiren, Nidhi and Rinul were already parked there and Dylan was due to come over on the weekend. Now we were headed up there in the middle of the week with the express purpose of doing annual checks, inventory and other paperwork in preparation for the new flying season. All day we ploughed through many pre season tasks excited about going flying the next day.

Pooja at the tower hill takeoff
a new beginning

Friday morning we were out at the crack of dawn and on the road to Tower Hill. An excited bunch of paragliding pilots all looking forward to the unexpected bonus of flying a week or two earlier than anticipated. The flying site was all prettied up after the rains – clothed in yellow wild flowers and a coat of green. There was no one else at the flying site but us and a swarm of dragonflies. We got to takeoff braving the mucky paths that still need to dry out and once at takeoff we said a small thanksgiving prayer to nature and the wind gods before gearing up and touching the skies. And before the sun penetrated through the haze and the winds picked up we had landed packed up and were ready to get back to NativePlace and back to our prep work.
paragliding at tower hill kamshet

Saturday saw us working hard in groups. Sanjay, Sinchan and the crew with the equipment inspection and inventory and some of us in the garden leisurely spotting the post monsoon butterflies and birds. Sunday we were out flying once more. All in all it was a great few days. Loads of work done a couple of sweet flights and lots and lots of bird, and butterfly and moth spotting. People, the landing field has shrunk due to new fences so get ready to hit the spot this season.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid & Sanjay Rao

Author: Astrid Rao

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