“WoW experience” by Venkatkrishnan Vaidyanathan

My daughter and I wanted to fly! Finally we managed to find Nirvana, which is closer to Pune where my BIL lives. We took the Elementary Pilot course. We came back with wonderful experience.

The place is really beautiful but there is no other activity other than paragliding. If you enjoy spending time in silence, exploring around, you will enjoy the stay. Otherwise be sure to carry your book, laptop or whatever you need.

May end is the fag end of the season and weather was little unpredictable. The first day we went to the site and had to return without doing anything. Next day we could do ground handling for an hour and rain forced us to close the training… We took a break and continued the following week. Thanks to Sanjay who gave us multiple option in case weather continue to be bad.

Food served was homely and good. We could also order any special items. You may want to carry your favorite snacks as there are no shops nearby and plenty of time to kill!

First 2 days we have to spend on the ground and learn the basics, a lot of hard work. It was challenging but we could do it. Third day, we climbed the hill and took our first flight. We stayed in the air for just 2 minutes…. It was an amazing experience. All along, there was someone standing next to you… now, you are all alone and 200 feet above ground and only a radio accompanying you!!  Not just 2 minutes…. Amazing 2 minutes… fulfilled my childhood dream of flying!

The instructors are excellent. I need to mention Mr. Ravi. When my daughter was about to her first flight, i was standing next to her, tensed [I did not feel that tension, when i took my flight! 🙂 ]. Only saving thing was Ravi’s calm voice and clear instructions on radio. Believe me, he could read our mind!! When we feel uncertain about a situation, he would immediately tell us that we are safe and what we should do next!!!  Hats off to you Ravi.   My daughter also reflected the same about Ravi, after landing.

Instructors made sure that we understand to control the gear well before going for the actual flight.

My reading is, most of the risks are taken care by instructors. If the weather is not good or wind speed is higher, we are not allowed to do any activity, even on ground. If we do not have control during the ground handling, they will not allow us to fly. All we need to do is give attention to the instructions and follow them diligently.

Our experience: Just wonderful! I couldn’t believe that we could make our maiden flight on the 3rd day of training. Me and my daughter will go again and do the next courses soon. I always thought i had vertigo. I can’t stand 20 feet above ground if there is no parapet wall. I never felt a thing when i took the flight!

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to fly. I would suggest you research well and learn risks involved in this sport.

Be sure to carry a full sleeve dress, shoes with ankle support, a small bag to carry water bottle and snacks to the site. They also need ID proof and a photograph..

Most of the human have the desire to fly… Now we have an opportunity… Go… Fly… Experience it…. I would recommend Nirvana.

Author: Astrid Rao

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